82 is an angel and a member of the Concordant Knights. When Allison Ruth arrived in the city of Throne, 82 discovered her Key of Kings and allied with the devil Cio to keep it safe. Soon after, Allison's presence was leaked and a war over the Key broke out in Throne. During the conflict Allison was nearly captured and killed, but 82 fended off her attackers long enough for both of them to escape. This move was poorly received by 82's master, who argued that saving Allison's life was not worth the danger posed by her Key, and that 82 had become too attached to the world of men.


Early life

82 grew up under the tutelage of Michael, the only remaining prime angel, and was later stationed in Throne as a peacekeeper. Once there it became familiar with the city's criminals, earning a reputation as a talented, but overzealous lawman.

Kill Six Billion Demons

On the day Allison arrived in Throne, 82 set out to capture the notorious gang leader Omun Vash. The mission nearly succeeded, but Allison's sudden appearance caused her to crash into an assassin, sparking a conflict in Vash's den. While 82 faced off against the remaining guards, Allison's entrance proved enough of a distraction that Vash escaped.

For three days 82 tended to Allison until she regained consciousness. Once she awoke, 82 began questioning her about the Key, but became apprehensive when it discovered her lack of knowledge about the matter. Under normal procedure, 82 explained that Allison would be executed and the Key retrieved, but instead decided to visit Cio, a devil whom it hoped could resolve the situation.

To reach Cio, 82 formulated a plan to visit her employer, Praman Nand. 82 tricked Nand, who agreed that if he allowed 82 and Allison to visit Cio, Allison would become his slave.

Wielder of Names



  • Kill Six Billion Demons
    • Kill Six Billion Demons
    • Wielder of Names